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Cookies and Statistics

This website uses certain tags called cookies that are handled by Google Analytics. They are saved via your internet browser and they communicate some anonymous details about your visit to our website, such as: the pages you visited, average time spent on the website, device used (computer, tablet, phone…), IP address, source of visit (Internet search, social media, external websites…), or your geographic location (region). You can refuse the collection of these anonymous details by clicking on ‘Refuse’. This will appear in the cookies information banner at the bottom of the web page when you first open the website.
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Use and Transmission of your Personal Data

The anonymous information and personal data which are collected by Le Domaine du Chat Perché and Google Analytics are in no way shared with or published to service providers or external companies by the two companies here forementioned.

Duration of Data Retention

The personal data that you communicate to us will not be stored in the website database and will be deleted at the latest one year after the last business contact you had with Le Domaine du Chat Perché. The hosting provider OVH, whose cloud computing is located in Metropolitan France stores the emails sent via the online contact form of the website, in order for Le Domaine du Chat Perché to be able to view the messages that you are sending. No personal data is stored on the website or on the platform used (WordPress). The cookies (anonymous details) are stored for a period of one month on your browser.

Your rights concerning your data

If you have transmitted any personal data to Le Domaine du Chat Perché, you can ask to receive a file containing all the personal data the company has concerning you. You can also request to have this personal data deleted. This does not include the data stored for administrative, legal or security purposes.

Contact Information

For any enquiry concerning your personal data please contact us directly.

Personal Data Protection

The manager of Le Domaine du Chat Perché, Johanna Perrot is the only persons that has access to the messages you send to the company. As the person in charge of data processing she will ensure the secure handling of your details: emails received via the contact form on the OVH server (IMAP) are stored for a maximum period of one month, messages are read only via a secure protocol (TLS) and are archived on a single workstation (POP).

Legal proceedings implemented in case of data leakage

In case of hacking any security breach or other problems leading to the leakage of personal data stored by Le Domaine du Chat Perché, the company will ensure to inform the concerned customers by email as soon as possible.